Program Improvement Cluster

Using Data to Guide Program Management and Improvement


Training Outcomes
Blended Delivery
Certification Fulfillment Criteria

The participant will be able to:

*Develop critical success factors for key program components,


*Identify types and sources of available data for those components,


*Determine appropriate indicators for flagging potential problems/red flags,


*Generate appropriate questions to identify possible causes of red flags, and


*Develop a structure to apply what you learned.

This one-hour introductory online course will acquaint you with the variety of data that can be used to identify program improvement needs.
This six-hour workshop, developed in conjunction with your state, will focus on analyzing local program data reports generated from each state’s data system as well as other data sources.  You will learn how to analyze your data, determine problem indicators, and generate questions that will help to identify the underlying causes of problems.  You will use your own program and service area data during the workshop to identify a need and respond to Program Improvement Decision Points.
In addition to participation in
all training activities, you will:
  • 1.Analyze your own data reports during the workshop.
  • 2.Based on that analysis,  identify a program improvement need.
  • 3.Respond to Program Improvement Decision Points.
  • 4
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