Program Improvement Cluster

Integrating Research into Teaching and Learning


Training Outcomes
Blended Delivery
Certification Fulfillment Criteria
You will be able to:

Implement a process for engaging staff in accessing, understanding, judging, and integrating research findings into program practice.


*Analyze research findings related to teaching and learning and identify implications for program improvement.


*Respond to critical decision points for developing a program improvement plan based on research findings.

This six-hour face-to-face workshop will introduce you to a process for understanding, judging, and integrating a variety of research findings related to teaching and learning.
You will engage staff in completing an online survey to identify research-based needs and interests.
During a one-hour webcast, you will discuss your experiences with analyzing the results of the online survey and identifying program improvement priorities.
In addition to participation in all training activities, you will:
  • 1.Administer a prepared online survey to your staff.

  • 2.Respond to Program Improvement Decision Points based on the results of your online survey.

  • 3.Post you results in your electronic portfolio.

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