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What the Participants Had to Say


Check out what Ohio LEA participants had to say in this informational newsletter!


"The Academies have benefited me as an administrator in several ways. To begin, the Trident is a very good model for organizing planning and research. Its step-by-step process keeps me going in an easily perceptible path from idea to final plan. It's like a roadmap to a new vacation destination. Thanks to our introduction to a large number of research options and survey models, I feel confident I can manage just about any project.


As always in such environments, the interaction with others makes the Academies a venue for discussion, which invariably results in consideration of new ways of looking at and performing academic leadership functions. Such feedback has increased the number of contacts, relationships, considerations, and resources available to assist me in better performing my job. Of course, it didn't hurt having two facilitators so well prepared to address the needs of each academy meeting. They bring a wealth of experience, as well as up-to-date research findings and resources, from their professional lives, which enrich our own.


The webcasts have provided us with opportunities to share ideas and experiences with teachers and administrators from several states, giving us an understanding that we are not in this alone. Education is a national and global community."


Kathleen Clarity

New York Department of Education

"It is a wonderful privilege to be part of the pilot program. The training is outstanding, and the opportunity to share best practices and the latest research with adult education practitioners is invaluable. Best of all is the positive nature of all elements of the program, which gives us great opportunities to model our own training and administrative practices on the excellent models demonstrated. At one of the training meetings a participant called her selection as a class member "A Blessing" and I couldn't agree more. Thanks so much for giving the New York State Education Department and our practitioners this outstanding opportunity to learn new skills and to enhance our shared understanding of management skills and adult learners' needs."


Melinda Brown

St. Mary's Adult Education Program

Leonardtown, Maryland


"The Leadership Academy has been quite an eye-opener! I have greatly benefited from the  chance to interact with providers from other states as well as those from my own state. The use of various types of surveys, especially the online ones, have given me a great tool to determine areas of needed improvement for my program. The research aspect of the academy has greatly increased my research skills as well as those of my workgroup. To quote Lennox, I have always been a "gut and guru" type of person, ready to jump on the latest bandwagon without a lot of thought beforehand. This academy has taught me the importance of research and planning before acting. I would recommend it to any educator that wants to improve his/her skills as well as their programs."


Pat Katz


Liverpool, NY

"Bringing Adult Education leaders from across the state together for stimulating learning and sharing about continuous program improvement has been invigorating!  The Leadership Excellence Academies provide a wonderful opportunity where leaders can feel connected with those who share the common goal of improving Adult Education services for members of their communities."


Rita Kenyon

Madison Oneida BOCES Consortium of Continuing Education

Rome, NY


"I have been provided with more targeted, hands-on, adult education program training in the last year than I was able to decipher in the last fifteen years on my own.  The information made available has me no longer reinventing the wheel but instead able to quickly find, have access to and use the latest, best practices available today in our field.  The experience has been enlightening, worthwhile and profoundly interesting - thank you!" 


Email remarks from Tennessee participants


"First, thank you for calling me two years ago about this wonderful training opportunity.  I have learned so much the last two years, and the opportunity to interact with the best of my colleagues as well as Tony and Stacey has been so valuable to both me and my program."
"As one of the 14 who has nearly completed the two year process, I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity.  We learned, among other things, how far ahead of many other states Tennessee is in the staff development for leaders.  The projects took time, but were all applied to our program practice, and, at least for me, have paid benefits to the program as a whole." 
" I encourage all AE supervisors to take advantage of this GREAT opportunity.  It is an excellent way to receive training and improve leadership skills.   The end result is well worth the process.  Much of the information will assist in program improvement.  Don't miss this chance!"
"I, too, am one of the 14 Supers participating in the Leadership Academy.  I have enjoyed the time with my other AE colleagues!  It's great to get together and share our thoughts!  Having our two trainers, Tony and Stacy, for support and feedback is awesome!  If an additional Leadership Academy was offered, I would participate.  If you want to challenge yourself and explore ways to improve your program, then you need to sign up!
Truly, the strategies and techniques learned while participating in the Academy have benefited our program, especially in the area of student retention.  The Academy challenges you to FOCUS on "your program needs."






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