Program Improvement Cluster

The Role of the State Agency


The state adult education agency is an integral and valued partner in the design and implementation of the Leadership Excellence Academies.  The LEA staff works closely with each state to ensure that the planning and delivery of the training series meets the state’s needs.

To receive the optimum benefit of the Leadership Excellence Academies, states are encourage to:











Engage a taskforce of program managers and other staff to provide the vision and energy for creating a successful leadership series.
Designate appropriate staff to work with the LEA team in customizing the state-specific component of Using Data to Guide Program Management.
Support the training process by finding and covering the costs of a training venue, arranging for appropriate training technologies, and distributing necessary resources.
Provide incentives to encourage and recognize participation.
Ensure access to computers with high-speed Internet for program managers’ participation in webcasts and online courses.




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