Program Improvement Cluster



Once participants receive national certification in program improvement, they hold that distinction for four years.  During that time, a variety of flexible opportunities will be offered to renew the certification for a consecutive four year term. These opportunities will allow the certified manager to expand his/her repertoire of knowledge, skills, and abilities.


During the four-year initial certification period, CMPI's must earn three points to maintain their certification for a consecutive four years.  The points may be earned by completing any combination of the following:

  • One point for participation in a workshop (minimum of three hours) related to program improvement followed by a written follow-up report to illustrate how the concepts were put into practice

  • Two points for development and implementation of a practitioner research project in which the CMPI engages staff in identifying a need or problem, researches strategies to solve the problem, and tests the new strategy to measure the impact.

  • Three points for institutionalizing the Trident into program practice by developing a structure and process for annually conducting self-assessments, studying research findings, and analyzing data to identify needs and implement an ongoing program improvement process.

Rubrics and forms will be developed to guide the electronic submission of the developed products.

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