Program Improvement Cluster

Strategies for Motivating and Retaining Adult Learners  

Training Outcomes
Blended Delivery
Certification Fulfillment Criteria

Participants will be able to:


*Examine the latest research on student persistence to determine implications on instructional practice, policies and procedures, and professional development;


*Explore a variety of instructional and management strategies that promote student persistence;


*Examine professional development options that can help teachers/tutors support student persistence; and


*Review a template for a student persistence learning project





Workshop: This six-hour workshop will introduce the latest research on student persistence and the implications of that research on instructional delivery, policies and procedures, and professional development.  We'll examine why some students are 'here today and gone tomorrow.'  We'll also look at the need to keep episodic learners engaged in instruction during their temporary hiatus from class attendance. A variety of instructional and programmatic strategies will be illustrated to help participants determine those that would be most appropriate for increasing student persistence in their individual program.



During a one-hour webcast, participants will discuss their experiences with assessing, prioritizing and planning the integration of student persistence strategies into their program.


In addition to participation in
all training activities, participants will:
  • 1.Engage their staff in assessing their current instructional practices, polices and procedures, and professional development that support student persistence;
  • 3.Respond to Program Improvement Decision Points; and
  • 4.Post responses in their electronic portfolio.

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