Program Improvement Cluster

Program Improvement Cluster


The first step that most states took was the development of a reliable, valid system to document student success.  States developed or fine-tuned a management information system to collect student data.  They adopted assessment policies and data procedures to record and report student success.  They devised new student follow-up procedures to verify the achievement of student goals.  All of these processes were vital to the new accountability system that focused on student success.  Their refinement continues today.

However, as one of our Arkansas colleagues has pointed out, “You don’t fatten a pig by just weighing it all the time.”  You need just the right combination of grains, protein supplements, and water to make it strong.


Our adult education and literacy programs require proper nourishment and support as well if we are to get better every year at what we do.  We need just the right combination of fresh ideas, evidence-based practices, and a structure and process that will allow us to continually examine our services and make necessary improvements.


And that is the focus of the Leadership Excellence Academies!



It is all about program improvement!
 Identifying the parts of our program that need to be improved,
Planning appropriate solutions,
Pilot testing new strategies,
Integrating solutions program-wide, and
Evaluating the impact. 


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