Program Improvement Cluster

Services and Cost

The pricing schedule is calculated on a cost per participant basis: the more participants who enroll, the more a state will save. The following charts outline the range of costs. Costs include
all of the services listed on the previous page.

To accommodate the needs of smaller states, there are now two options available:

1. A reduced cost for cohorts of 10 to 15 participants that provides for one trainer
2. LEA Consortia in which adjoining states jointly sponsor an LEA cohort and

a) participants meet at one central location, or
b) the states utilize technology to broadcast the face-to-face workshops to instate locations. (The trainer rotates among the states for each of the face-to-face workshops. Please note that the face-to-face workshops require group interaction so streaming to individual computers is not an option.)

LEA costs tables

Listes below are specific costs for all cohorts of 10 to 40 participants (expanded for specific #s of participants).

lea expanded cost tables


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